Industrial Masks & Respirators

What should be considered when buying a mask?

The Corona virus outbreak has increased the demand for the mask. So what should be considered when purchasing a mask?

It is critical that the masks have a three-layer filter, a wire to wrap the nose on the top and have a CE certificate.

What are the types of masks?

In fabric, surgery or FFP2: Which masks will be trusted against Covid-19?
Some fabric masks are no longer recommended by health officials as new variants of the virus have emerged around the world.

The emergence of British, South African and Brazilian variants could change the situation with wearing the mask. As a final opinion, the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) recommended avoiding some fabric masks considered to be very ineffective against Covid-19.

What are the masks to trust?
Homemade masks, whose production differs from person to person, have never been tested by health authorities. “It is possible to find masks of all kinds, including those made by the grandmother on a leftover piece of cloth, but such masks are not useful in terms of preventing the virus.”

A category 1 cloth mask is always recommended.
Despite the new variants, Category UNS 1 fabric masks are still recommended. Category 1 has always been advocated for professional use and especially for staff in contact with the public.
In terms of performance, Category 1 fabric masks supplied by approved manufacturers are as effective as surgical masks. However, be careful: as with other masks, protection is only guaranteed provided that it is worn in bulk and its use is respected (worn on the nose, not lowered on the neck, etc.).

He states that category 1 masks, which should filter 90% of particles with an average size of 3 micrometers, can have up to 5 layers: the first layer is 100% cotton (115g / m2), three layers of 100% non-woven polypropylene and the final layer identical to the first.

Category 2 cloth mask is not recommended!
Fabric masks in the UNS 2 (Non-Hygienic Use) category are also not recommended. Again, it is difficult for the authorities to verify their effectiveness, but in a previous study it was estimated that their filtration against 3 micrometer size particles was only 70%. This efficiency may decrease with the spread of new variants.

Does Surgical Cloth Mask Protect From Viruses?
To prevent the spread of the epidemic coronavirus used as mandatory in some countries, including Turkey with the 3-layer cloth mask types, provides protection against viruses with a fabric quality they possess.

Why Are Colored Surgical Masks Preferred?
There is no special reason for choosing colored surgical masks. While 3-layer colored surgical masks are used due to the protective feature they provide compared to plain cloth masks, the color preference is made due to their stylish appearance. There is no difference between the protective properties of 3-layer colored masks and white masks.